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United States Of America Zip Codes

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What is a Postal/Zip Code?

A postal code is a series of numeric or alphanumeric codes used for sorting mail. It usually has five to six characters that identify a geographic region and address.

Postal codes are also referred to as ZIP code, PIN code, Postcode, e.t.c., depending on the country. Irrespective of the name it is being called, they all represent the same thing and serve the same purpose.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the international body that maintains global postal service, this body is responsible for overseeing the specific postal service entity of all countries around the world.

We have postal/zip codes for 52 provinces/states in United States Of America. You will find a table below with information about United States Of America postal codes for various provinces, you can further drill down by clicking on a province/state on this table and you will be taken to a page with all the zip/postal codes in this province/state.

Zip Code for United States Of America

Country Code State / Province State / Province Code
US Wyoming WY
US Wisconsin WI
US West Virginia WV
US Washington WA
US Virginia VA
US Vermont VT
US Utah UT
US Texas TX
US Tennessee TN
US South Dakota SD
US South Carolina SC
US Rhode Island RI
US Pennsylvania PA
US Oregon OR
US Oklahoma OK
US Ohio OH
US North Dakota ND
US North Carolina NC
US New York NY
US New Mexico NM
US New Jersey NJ
US New Hampshire NH
US Nevada NV
US Nebraska NE
US Montana MT
US Missouri MO
US Mississippi MS
US Minnesota MN
US Michigan MI
US Massachusetts MA
US Maryland MD
US Marshall Islands MH
US Maine ME
US Louisiana LA
US Kentucky KY
US Kansas KS
US Iowa IA
US Indiana IN
US Illinois IL
US Idaho ID
US Hawaii HI
US Georgia GA
US Florida FL
US District of Columbia DC
US Delaware DE
US Connecticut CT
US Colorado CO
US California CA
US Arkansas AR
US Arizona AZ
US Alaska AK
US Alabama AL

How To Know Your Postal Code

Many people make mistakes when filling their postal codes for their shipping address when shopping online, this can lead to a delay in the delivery of your parcels or a total loss of your package.

Postal/Zip codes are not just restricted to geographic location or states/provinces, most times, each local government area, town, areas and sometimes popular places such as universities have their own postal/zip codes.

So when you are required to enter your zip/postal code, make sure you don’t input just any value or the geographical postal code, instead provide the postal/zip code of your exact location or address.

Here is how to know your Zip/Postal Code in United States Of America:

  1. Visit findapostalcode.com
  2. Click on the search box and enter the name of your city or location in the search box.
  3. Look through the search result to find the most accurate location
  4. Copy the exact zip/postal code and fill it into your form

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